Who are we?
We rent boats and teach you to sail in the Levant


Learn the theory and the practice for obtaining the license PNB, PER... in our own ships.


Imprégnate of the Mediterranean, sailing and live an exclusive holiday. The perfect union between adventure and comfort at a price without competition.


Indulge yourself with this experience and enjoys every moment. The security we provide.


The Mare Nostrum, the witness where there were great civilizations... and in him, all the Mediterranean coast. About 1,700 kilometres of coastline with coves, beaches and cliffs unmatched revive a centuries-old history. Whether you are a connoisseur of beautiful landscapes and its rich cuisine, whether it's the first time you visit him, with Iberian Charter you can enjoy this environment without equal sailing on one of our boats. With the people you love and with all the amenities. An unforgettable experience.

Our boats are equipped to detailbecoming the best way to venture into these waters, turquoise-with capes spectacular over which they preside beaches of fine sand, lighthouses, islands... Calm and serene landscapes that you can't miss.

You'll not only enjoy a cruise conventional as put at your disposal routes and custom routes. How would you like access to crystal clear waters classified as marine reserves? Would you like to visit locations with sailors dishes and fish without equal? How about remembering the old struggles of pirates of the XVI? You have to do is set up your ideal route... and it live!


You we offer boats for rent with and without pattern, craft perfect for that getaway that you want to live with that the more you want. With different capacities to suit your needs.

We have a the long history of navigation on the Coasts and Warm White. We are fully trained to ensure that your experience with us will be something you won't forget.

Whether you want to be more original and design your own route as if you choose to enjoy any of our trips, you're going to know a special way to our shores, savoring the scent of the sea up to the last blade.

So, you can choose any of our ships and create your own journey as you want. The dream vacation: comfortable bunk beds, fully equipped kitchen, lounge and sports equipment to an absolute joy from the sea: paddle surf, snorkeling, fishing...

Now... choose the destination, climb aboard, and let our crew take care of everything. You and yours as you are about to live it.